Smart Choices for Real People is not a diet. It’s not an exercise plan.

What is it? It’s a way of life, a series of eating changes and food substitutions that will improve your health and help you lose weight.

Need proof that small changes can have a big impact?

Look no further than The Great Foodini herself.

In a matter of several months, Renee lost 50 pounds. She didn’t starve herself, follow a restrictive eating plan, or adopt a rigorous exercise regime. Instead, Renee made small changes — food swaps, if you will — that cut down on calories and carbohydrates and fats, and helped her lose a substantial amount of weight. And she did it without giving up the pleasure of eating, because Renee is all about the food.

What Renee learned was to eat better, more mindfully. She learned to choose ingredients more wisely — a tablespoon of high-flavor, grated hard cheese rather than an ounce of high-fat, soft cheese — and she passes over high-glycemic carbohydrates in favor of slower-metabolizing foods.

Renee’s “Smart Choices for Real People” classes share her successful weight-loss journey and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

Scheduled Smart Choices for Real People classes listed below:

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Classes at the Von Voigtlander Demonstration Kitchen at Cleary University, located at 955 Grand Oaks Drive, Howell, Mich., are not a program of Cleary University or an endorsement of this program or activity by Cleary University.