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Sunday, March 29, 2015


And what a makeover it was!

Here's some before pics.....Everything looks pretty good - especially right before Christmas.  The fireplace before pic is after a little de-construction, actually, but you get the idea.  Everything was in pretty good shape but...was very dated and even though the kitchen was large, I felt there was a lot of wasted space.  Stay tuned for some great ideas!

Fireplace before

Desk/bar area before

Kitchen, island, sink before

Island and bookshelves

Bathroom before

We had been talking about this project for a very long time, but it was kind of hard to pull the trigger and get it done because it not only meant a big expense - but also meant that I would not be able to work my regular Great Foodini business for a few months.  It was important to me to find somebody who understood that this may be a kitchen to some people, but to me, it was MY BABY!!!

I found someone that I had initially met and liked outside of the 'Contractor World' so when it came time to really dig into this, we called Jim Seghi of Seghi Renovations. 

Seghi Renovations in South Lyon
 Jim came out and took a bunch of measurements - asked a lot of questions about how we used our kitchen, entertaining, what kinds of things we liked, didn't like, and asked a lot about what I did for the Great Foodini as far as pictures, lessons and food preparation.  I liked that he was getting to know us before making a recommendation.

About a week later we met at his office in South Lyon to look at his proposal - he was a lot of fun to work with and I liked that we could see a 3-D look at the ideas that he and his design team came up with.  I laughed because before he showed us his idea, he said we were either going to love it or think he was crazy!  Needless to say, we loved it - it was completely different than anything else that had been shown to us or that we thought of and completely used every square inch of space.  I liked that Jim, himself, is a foodie and does a ton of cooking so he understood the importance of placement of counters and appliances, etc.

Here's a pic of the work in progress - and a peek at my blood pressure about halfway through - check it out - not too shabby for a girl cooking on a hot plate and microwave!!!

Cabinet day!!!

Not too bad, huh???
And - even though we had budgeted about three months for the project - we were just about done at five weeks and I was cooking on all burners and two ovens after just six weeks - here's a peek at the finished project!  Can you believe this is the same space???

The best inclusive view I could get with my phone.

Bar area - two more stools are coming and,
can you see the second oven snuck in there?
Pure genius!

Cooking and cleaning area - LOVE LOVE LOVE
the dual burner fuel range - So far no Mrs. Doubtfire

These pictures do not do the project justice, but we have some professional pics coming soon - I was just very anxious to share as I bring the website back up live and am ready to take Great Foodini back to work!

Here's some other fun things - remember the large bookcases for my special kitchen books and trinkets?

What about Mr. W's special area - check this out!!!

Believe it or not - room for all of our wine glasses
and decanters!

Jim also had an idea that we loved - because our main floor is pretty much wide open, I was worried about the family room, bathroom, den - everything being cohesive.....look what he did to tie it all in!

Same backsplash and granite as
in the kitchen - somebody got a
little crazy and painted the fireplace
to match the cabinets.

And new bathroom too, why not said Mr. W on the way
to the Poor House!!!
So, my friends, that is what has been going on over here in Foodini Land the past few months!  I have missed you and am ready to get back to work!  Please check out my list of Upcoming Appearances on this website - and let me know if you have any questions.  As usual - I am booking private and corporate events as available.  You can reach me at or email for my contact number.

We do have a bit of nostalgia, though - and as you can see, we did a lot of painting, trimming and fixing up - but one section is just going to have to stay just like it is.....who else has one of these at home?
You can see where Eddie passed
his sister, me and his dad up!

I am looking forward to making a lot of magic in my new kitchen - thanks to Jim Seghi and his fabulous team at Seghi Renovations.  It was truly a pleasure to have you work on this project for me!

I am delighted!