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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Great Foodini Frickles!
Who remembers going to the Michigan State Fair on Woodward?  Remember the big stove?  Yep, had a picture there of me every year, just wish I could find them to see if it really was as big as I remember.

I remember chocolate milk for a quarter - I remember meeting farmers and wives and kids and many others in the agriculture exhibits - I really wanted to do that but alas, I was a city girl just looking in.  I was also a bit inquisitive and must have asked a thousand questions because, as I teach my cooking classes and work with my farmers market ingredients - time after time I remember little tidbits that I learned from those farmers all those years ago at the Michigan State Fair!

Come see me this year - details under Upcoming Appearances....or - just come to the fair, it's bigger and better than ever at the Suburban Collection Showplace!

Here's the link for more info and here are some recent pics and video of the promos at Fox2 Detroit!  Michigan State Fair Website

Here's the Fox2 Segment Click here!

If you are looking for a fabulous family event - check out the Michigan State Fair this weekend!